Fructose Tolerance Test

Fructose intolerance (hydrogen breath) test.

The rationale for performing this test is that when we eat certain fruits which contain fructose, up to a certain amount is absorbed by our intestine. People who are deficient in the enzyme for digestion and absorption of fructose in their intestine, the absorption of this sugar is poor and it is passed in the distal small bowel and colon resulting in excessive production of Hydrogen gas. This produces abdominal discomfort with crampy feeling, excessive flatulence.

The exhaled Hydrogen gas is measured during the test and expressed in the units of parts per million (PPM).

Instructions before the test

1. Fast overnight

2. No smoking on the day of the test

3. No vigorous exercise before or during test

4. Do not eat beans, bran, or high fiber cereals the day before the test

5. Do not take any antibiotics for two weeks before the test

Procedure of the test

You will be asked to blow through a small mouth piece which is connected to a small detecting device called MicroH2 meter. You will be then asked to ingest the required material and then again asked to blow in to the device a few times. The total procedure can be up to 2 ½ to 3 hrs based on the reading.